Hikes In Maui Hawaii

3 Safe Hike’s You Can Find On Maui

Maui is not only known around the world for its beautiful beaches, but it’s also famous for its majestic waterfalls and
sceneries that are best enjoyed when taking a trail into it. However, as tempting it may seem, wandering on Maui’s
tropical jungle on your own might not be a good idea.

Maui’s diverse forest that features dozens of climate zones with hundreds of flora and fauna may be a sight to behold,
but it could also mean danger to amateur hikers. So if you want to explore the beautiful forests of Maui yet you aren’t
too familiar with its jungles, then these 3 safe hikes are a great start for you.

1. Waihe’e Ridge Trail

Waihe’e Ridge Trail is a 4.5 mile hike into the clouds located near Wailuku in Central Maui. The 1500 ft trail offers
a spectacular view once you get on the top. However, the journey itself is already splendid. Your eyes will bath
the beautiful rainforest, the majestic Makamakaole Falls hidden in the luscious green trees, the scenic views of
the ocean as well as the elegant side of Haleakala, and the epic ridge-line views.

The difficulty level is moderate with some parts that are a bit steep. The terrain is mostly muddy and slippery
though so it is advisable to choose footwear with good traction when planning to take the trail. You might also
like to start hiking early as the place can be covered with clouds by mid-morning.

2. Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park is home to the highest peak of Maui which is about 10,023 feet above sea level. It is also
the largest dormant volcano in the United States and its crater is actually a valley craved caused by erosion.
Hiking towards the summit of Haleakala will reward you with the most spectacular sunrise and sunset you will
ever see. The park is a two-hour drive from Kaanapali and the summit area of the park is over 30 miles of hiking
trails. But all your tiredness will be worth it when you get to reach the summit. The view is simply breathtaking
and the experience is indescribable.

You have to be aware though that due to the high elevation, breathing can be a little challenging and dress
warmly as the temperature at the summit is at least 20 degrees colder and sometimes drops to below freezing.
Make sure to fill up your gas tanks too and bring enough food and water as there are no foods sold at the park.

3. ‘Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park is a nature’s gem that is accessible by anyone. It is a lush, tropical rainforest located 5 km
west of Wailuku in West Maui. The main attraction of the place is the emerald-green and surreally-shaped, ‘Iao
Needle which is a 0.4 mile moderately -trafficked loop trail created by erosion of softer rock around it. The hike
is easily accessible to most and offers exquisite views of deep vales, ridge-lines, and the island’s coastlines.
Maui is indeed a haven to many spectacular views; may it be underwater or in the woods. And only those with a heart of
stone won’t fall in love with this beautiful island.