3 Waterfalls In Maui

3 Must Visit Waterfalls In Maui

If you want to see the power of nature when in Maui, then visiting its waterfalls is a must for you. We all know that Maui
is a paradise itself, but wait till you see its array of majestic waterfalls. It will leave awe-inspired and breathless. There is
no better experience than standing at the foot of the cascading crystalline waters.
Now, get ready with your hiking gear and grab your best camera because you’re in for a treat with Maui’s best

1. Seven Sacred Falls

Oheo Gulch or popularly known as the Seven Sacred Falls is one of the most known waterfalls on Maui. This
succession of several waterfalls is located downstream of Waimoku Falls. The name of the falls is somewhat
misleading as there isn’t really seven falls and it isn’t really sacred, however, the falls got its name because each
pool is connected by a waterfall which fills the next pool until it empties into the ocean. Probably the ‘sacred’ in
its name is taken from the stunning view which you can enjoy from a short walk through the bamboo forest
leading to the mesmerizing falls.

Getting to the Seven Sacred Falls requires an entrance. And if you want to stay overnight and do star-gazing,
there is an area where you can set up a tent and camp, and again, it requires a camping fee. Since the Seven
Sacred Falls is a top-rated attraction in Hana, make sure to get up early when planning to visit the place. And,
don’t forget to bring your swimming suit and camera to capture the moment.

2. Twin Falls

The Twin Falls is another must-visit waterfall in Maui. Located along Hana Highway eats past Paia Town, the falls
is the first stop the most visitors take when going to the Road to Hana. From the highway, visitors have
to take a short hike leading to the majestic waterfalls with its water cascading over a cave.

Since it is a top-rated attraction in Hana, the place can get crowded sometimes. However, the jungle where
the falls lie remains untouched and beautiful making them worth a visit. The larger falls, between the pair, are
about a mile hike from the main road. However, there are several trails you can take which will lead you to
smaller falls that are less crowded. The second fall about 10-15 feet tall with a wide pool that tempts anyone
to take a plunge on it and enjoy the cold crystalline water.

3. Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls is located 12 miles past Hana town and can be accessed thru Pipiwai Trail. This 400-feet high
waterfall is considered by many as the best waterfall on the island of Maui. On the way to the falls, you will find a giant
Banyan tree, a bamboo forest, and a grove of apple trees which will surely capture your attention and make
your travel worth it.

Visiting Waimoku Falls will either leave you in awe with its beauty or keep you busy snapping pictures with its
sheer beauty. So if you are planning to visit Hana, don’t forget to stop by Waimoku Falls, soak yourself with its
beauty, bring your camera and take pictures to your heart’s content.