4 Beautiful Beaches To Visit On The Westside Of Maui

The west side of Maui is home to many spectacular beaches in Maui. Blessed with sunny weather, the beaches on West
Maui is the best places to go to whether you like to go sun-bathing while lying on golden sands surrounded by palm trees or
go snorkeling and scuba diving in its turquoise water. If you are looking for the next Westside Maui beach on your future
beach adventures, then check out the list below.

1. Kaanapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach is a mile-long stretch of white sand beach perfect for a family with diverse interest. The beach
was named as America’s Best Beach in 2003 enticing more visitors to flock on it. Its gorgeous white sand
invites you to lay out on it and get that perfect sun-kissed skin. At the northern part of it, you will also find the
Black Rock which caters scuba divers and snorkelers who wants to explore the beautiful reefs underwater. Its
ragged rock is also an excellent option for adventurers who want to try cliff jumping. The great thing about hanging
out at Ka’anapali Beach is that the shops and restaurants are very accessible and within walking distance.

2. D.T. Fleming Beach Park

Another famous beach and named as America’s Best Beach in 2006 is D.T. Fleming Beach. It is a
picturesque beach which is best for visitors who are adventurers and loves to play with the waves. Strong rip
currents and large waves are common scenarios in D.T. Fleming Beach, so it is not recommended for beach-goers
With small children. The strong waves are complicated with relaxing golden-white sands and excellent views of
the surroundings. The beach also features picnic grills and tables which visitors can use in cooking up their foods
after having fun surfing at the beach with friends.

3. Napili Bay

Although, not as touristy as other beaches in the Westside of Maui, the Napili Bay is still a popular hangout place
to many locals and visitors. The crescent-shaped beach with a moderate slope sits calmly and prettily on its
golden-white sands. The beautiful beach is a perfect spot for a family picnic, stand-up paddle boarding, and beach
lounging. Sea turtles are also a common sight in the Napili Beach since there are reefs not so far from the shore.
And while at the Napili Beach, you can enjoy the most out of the beach and wait for its beautiful sunset.

4. Olowalu Shoreline

Olowalu Shoreline is a group of little beaches that you can see as your drive from Central Maui to the Western
part of the island. You have to take your pick, which among these beaches suits your taste and presto! You
can lounge your day away on the sandy beach and forget about the world, or don your snorkeling gear and
enjoy the beauty of the underwater amidst the sound of the passing cars in the highway. It is best to visit
Olowalu Shoreline early in the morning when the water is barely rippling to pick your best lounging place and
spot some turtles too.

(image sourced from TheMauiMusician.com)