Best 5 Beaches In Maui, Hawaii You’ve Got To Visit

Best 5 Beaches In Maui, Hawaii You’ve Got To Visit

Summer is finally here! And when talking about summer, one will automatically think of sun-tanning at
beaches and listening to the soothing sound of waves kissing the sand or enjoying a wild night at beach

With 120-mile coastline, Maui is the home of many spectacular beaches that sometimes it
confuses you on which one to visit first. So are you gearing up on your next beach bumming adventures
in Maui yet you don’t know where to go first? Well, this article is perfect for you — whether you are
planning to work on your tan, enjoy the underwater beauty while snorkeling, or surfing on the ocean
waves. Below are the best five beaches in Maui, Hawaii that will cater all your needs.

1. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach, located in West Maui, is a center of tourist activity not only because of its
location but also because of its beauty itself. The long and wide strip of golden sand and blue
waters are a magnet for couples, honeymooners, local beach lovers, and vacationers. Kaanapali
also offers many upscale hotels and resorts that tourists can rest into, some golf courses
that men can kill time or talk business with their friends, and shopping malls that women can go
into whenever they run out of beach OOTD’s. For beach lovers and beach bums, there are vast
arrays of activities they can enjoy when they don’t feel like sun-tanning — from surfing,
snorkeling, and diving, sailing, up to seasonal parasailing.

2. Olowalu Beach

Olowalu Beach or otherwise known as the “Turtle Reef” stretches the coastal road between
Papawai Point and Lahaina. The famous beach is well-loved by locals and tourists alike because
of its beautiful sunset. While it offers the most scenic view during sunset, in the daytime it is
crowded with people who like to laze around the beach side. It is also home of many beautiful
coral reefs and more than 20 marine species making it the perfect spot for snorkeling.

3. Kahekili Beach Park

This is a quiet and scenic beach with beautiful golden sand and is accessible to those who want to
escape the noisy and busy environment. There are plenty of trees which beachgoers can take
shade from. First-time snorkelers and paddleboarders will surely like the beach because of its
clear and calm waters. If you’re lucky enough, you can even spot a few sea turtles! And if you
are a sucker for a lovely sunset, this is just the place for you as its location is perfect for a well-
Viewed sunset.

4. Kapalua Beach

The Kapalua Beach is one of the most famous beaches in West Maui because of its long and
wide stretch of golden sand, tall and shady palm trees, and the protected waters. Locals and
guests visit the place for almost anything they could do under the sun — swimming, snorkeling,
paddleboarding, sun-bathing, dining, family bonding, name it; you can do it in Kapalua Beach.
No wonder the beach ranked high in many travel magazines and articles. During winter, people
still visit the beach hoping to witness whales migrating to deeper waters. The 1.75 miles long
Kapalua Coastal Trail is also perfect for guests who love hiking.

5. Big Beach

Another famous and one of the most beautiful beaches in Maui with an official name of “Oneloa
Beach”, Big Beach, is over a mile long with lovely golden sand and turquoise water. When the
water is calm, it is perfect for snorkelers and families who like to bond at the beach. However,
the clear water is often rough attracting bodysurfers.
As what Maui is most famous of, there are still many beaches in this part of Hawaii that many people
haven’t discovered yet. You could start your beach getaways on these top 5 beaches and then hop on to
the other beaches for more beach-experience (beach experience).