10 Historic Sites in Lahaina

10 Historic Sites in Lahaina

Millions of tourists are visiting Lahaina Maui every year. With its art galleries, restaurants, and
bars, no wonder Lahaina is a popular destination for decades now. Did you know that Lahaina
was once the capital of Hawaii? It was also the heart of the whaling industry in the world.
Lahaina is a perfect place to spend part of your vacation.

Are you wondering why visitors are getting attracted to this quaint town? Apart from restaurants that turn into a casual night club with live bands and street parties that display the town’s colorful culture and tradition, visitors are drawn to the historic sites that lie in Lahaina. What are these historic sites? Are they worth the visit? Here are ten historical sites in Lahaina, you should not miss it!

1. Old Lahaina Courthouse

Opened to the public since 1860, the Old Lahaina Courthouse was the center for
government offices and court functions during the Monarchy period. The two-story
The building was built in the coral block and other materials from Kamehameha III’s unfinished
western palace. The Old Lahaina Courthouse is located at Wharf Street at Banyan Tree
Park Lahaina and opens daily from 09:00 AM up to 05:00 PM.

2. Lahaina Jodo Mission

The Lahaina Jodo mission was built in 1912 but was destroyed in a fire in 1968. After that, the Mission to use the
beachfront property built a Japanese style Buddhist temple. Aside from the buddha, you can also find the 90 feet high temple tower or Pagoda and the bronze temple bell, which is the largest in Hawaii.

3. Wo Hing Temple Museum

Wo Hing Temple Museum is a building established in 1912 and currently located in the
Lahaina Historic District. The building may be small, but it is a field with lots of
information about Chinese immigration in Maui. It opens daily from 10:00 AM up to
04:00 PM with admission fees.

4. Brick Palace

Brick Palace is another historic site which you can’t miss to visit when in Lahaina. This is
considered as the first Western-style building in the State of Hawaii built by
Kamehameha I in 1800. The remains of the Brick Palace stands in the middle of Market
Street in Lahaina.

5. The Old Fort

The Old Fort was constructed in 1832 by Hoapili, who was then the Royal Governor of
Maui, as a way of protecting the place by whalers. It was demolished in 1854, but the coral
wall was reconstructed in 1964.

6. U.S. Seamen’s Hospital

The two-story stone building was constructed during the time of Kamehameha III in
1833. It serves as a hospital to many US seamen who were injured at the time. The hospital officially
shut down in 1862 after the whaling industry declined.

7. Hale Pai Printing Museum

It was in 1823 when the first missionaries arrived in Lahaina and introduced the
alphabet. Then in 1831, Lahainaluna Seminary, the primary-secondary school, was
established. Inside the campus is where Hale Pa’i, the House of Printing, is found. The
place is accessible to the public Monday through Wednesday by advance appointment.

8. Gilman Store, Custom House & Meeting House

Gilman Store, Custom House & Meeting House is another historic place that people who
love nature and the seas would love to visit. This historic place was built in the 1850s by
Gorham Gilman as a general store. Today, you can visit the site at Front Street in

9. Lahaina Lighthouse

Lahaina Lighthouse was considered as the oldest Pacific lighthouse in Lahaina. It was
established in 1840, guiding the whaleboats to the harbor. It was rebuilt in 1905, and
now, the tall tower is standing proudly in the center of Lahaina off Front Street.

10. Masters Reading Room

As the number of whaling ships arriving on the coast of Lahaina increases, the need for
captains to have a meeting room also increases. It was in 1833 when the missionaries
decided to build a reading room and stock it with publications, newspapers, and other
materials that ship officers can use to catch up on news and record in their logs.

While visiting these historic sites in Lahaina, you will get to see a glimpse of Lahaina’s rich history in the past. When visiting these historic sites, remember that these sites have been preserved for people all over the world to see. Please pick up any trash that may be in the area of these historic sites.