5 Best Rated Ice Cream Shops in Lahaina Maui

5 Best Rated Ice Cream Shops in Lahaina Maui

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Despite some people telling how too much sweets are bad for
you, you can’t help it but indulge with your cravings for some ice cream once in a while. This is
the main reasons why most people are looking for ice cream shops, especially in Lahaina,
when the weather can sometimes be too hot. Ice cream during a warm sunny day is always a
treat. Here are the five best-rated ice cream shops in Lahaina Maui.

1. Island Cream Co.

Ranked 1 st as the best ice cream in Hawaii by Buzzfeed, 11th in the whole America by
Yahoo Food, 7th in the World’s Awesome Ice Cream Shops by Mozo, and many more!
Island Cream Co. is one of the most popular and favorite choice by many ice
cream lovers. The ice cream shop is located at Lahaina Gateway Center and opens
every day from 11:00 AM till 09:00 PM.

2. Hawaii Gelato

Who says hot and cold cant work together? Well, at Hawaii Gelato you can get your
favorite ice cream to cool off the summer heat or grab your morning coffee for added
energy to last your day. Hawaii Gelato has been serving Lahaina locals with delicious
gelato made with fresh local ingredients since 2012; they even have sugar-free options!
The ice cream shop is located at 700 Front Street in Lahaina and opens up every day
from 09:00 AM till 10:00 PM.

3. BanyanTreats

The BanyanTreats doesn’t just serve the delicious Honi Kukis, but they also serve
delightful ice cream that will make you forget your name. And now, the ice cream shop
is up to a whole new level with their famous Honi Kuki ice cream sandwiches. You can
find BanyanTreats at the heart of the Old Lahaina Town and get lost with the 24
Delicious flavors of Maui’s own Roselani Ice Cream.

4. Lahaina Ice Cream Parlour

If you are looking for handmade ice cream when visiting Lahaina, then head on to
Lahaina Ice Cream Parlour. One of their most popular ice cream menus is the delicious
Lappert’s ice cream. Aside from that, they offer 24 flavors of ice cream with ingredients
that are locally gathered in Lahaina such as macadamia nuts, coconut, Kona coffee,
Maui mangoes, and many more. The ice cream shop is located at 693 Front Street in
Lahaina and opens up every day from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM.

5. Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Another top-rated ice cream shop in Lahaina is the Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. A
‘Aipono Award winner in 2017, top-rated in TripAdvisor and garnered 5-star rating in
Yelp and Google, Ululani’ss Hawaiian Shave Ice is a must-visit while you are in
Lahaina. They have different shops in different locations, but their Lahaina shop is
located at 790 Front Street and opens up every day from 10:30 AM till 09:00 PM. Depending
on the flavor you choose, you might want to add some ice cream to your shave ice.

So, when you want to treat yourself, go to one of these ice cream shops in Lahaina, and you won’t regret it, at all.