8 Points of Interest & Landmarks in Lahaina

Planning a perfect Maui getaway? Discover the history, beauty and rich culture of Lahaina on the island of
Maui. Located on the West side of Maui, this historic whaling village has become one of Maui’s
top hotspot for tourists.

Nowadays, Lahaina has been on the list of National Register of Historic Places. Did you know
that Lahaina has points of interest and landmarks you should not miss visiting? These places will
let you feel the old Lahaina as you stroll down and get a picture of its colorful past. Immerse
yourself in the site and the Hawaiian culture by visiting these 8 points of interest & landmarks
in Lahaina:

1. Banyan Tree Park

No Lahaina trip is complete without visiting the oldest Banyan tree in Hawaii. It was
imported from India and was planted in 1873. Now, the tree is already 60+ feet tall and
covers an area of 200 feet.

2. Olowalu Petroglyphs

If you love history, then you will surely have fun looking at the petroglyphs at Olowalu
Petroglyphs in Lahaina. It is located along the basalt cliff in West Maui, and you’ll be
amazed by more or less 100 ancient images carved into the rocks — showing the rich
culture of the Hawaiians.

3. Hauloa Stone

Hauloa Stone is a large stone shaped of a low-backed chair. Hawaiians believed that the
stone holds healing powers. Way back in the 14th and 15th century, the locals used the stone
as a birthing stone for royalties. Aside from its rich history, the place where the stone is
located is also perfect for sunset watching.

4. Hale Pa’ahao – Old Lahaina Prison

Hale Pa’ahao which translates to the stuck-in-irons house was used as Lahaina’s prison in
The 1850s. The place was mainly used in detaining sailors for short periods.

5. Maui Animal Farm

The Maui Animal Farm is the place for locals and visitors who love animals and are
looking for fun outdoor activities. The location provides an enjoyable and education
petting experience on the hills of the beautiful Launiupoko, West Maui.

6. The King’s Taro Patch

The King’s Taro Patch is a historical landmark that you will love to visit when in Lahaina.
The small site of King Kamehameha III's taro patch is found in Market Street, Lahaina
which no admission fees for parking and sightseeing.

7. Ohai Loop Trail and Overlook

Lahaina is one of the best places in Maui to go for nature-tripping or hiking. Ohai Loop
The trail offers a short hike with breathtaking views of the shore in the north side of Maui.
The Overlook Trail is another smooth and paved trail in Ohai Loop which is excellent for first-
Timers and kids.

8. Lahaina Front Street

Lahaina Front Street is one of the spots in Lahaina that locals and visitors don’t want to
miss. The area is packed with everything that you would want in one place — shopping
centers, shave ice stalls, scenic views of the beach and beautiful trees —- name it; you
can probably find it here.