10 Reasons You Should Stay On Maui During Winter

The cold is nice to cuddle and get cozy with your loved ones. However, if the cold also lasts for a season, sooner or later, you might want to bathe in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun. There is a reason why it’s peak season on Maui from December until the end of Spring Break. If you haven’t been to Maui during winter, then the 10 reasons below will surely tempt you to jump into the bandwagon and start the process of booking your ticket for winter in Maui.

Watch Big Winter Surf

Remember the surfers riding huge waves that you’ve seen on Tv’s and in magazines? Well, you will get to see these huge waves in Maui during winter! Thanks to the cooler weather and winter winds, the north swell usually is the biggest around Mid-November until the end of March.  

Whale Watching

Another exciting event that you will get to enjoy when you spend your winter in Maui is whale watching. Whales such as the Humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii during winter. Hundreds of whales swim through and hang out in the shallow waters of Hawaii from Mid-December to mid-May with January to March as it peak months.

Annual Lightning of the Banyan Tree in Lahaina

The famous Banyan tree in Lahaina is one of the largest in the whole United States. It covers an entire block in the Lahaina. Every December, the locals of Lahaina wrap the 150-year-old tree with thousands of Christmas lights, leaving the tree a sight to behold. If you are in the area by the first week of December, then you are in for a magical night at the Banyan Tree Park, Lahaina.

Holiday Tree Lightning at Ulupalakua

If Lahaina has the Banyan Tree; the people of Ulupalakua also their annual tree lighting event. The tree lighting event starts after sunset in the slopes of Mount Haleakala. Film-viewing will then follow with the stars in the sky as your roof. Just don’t forget to bring a warm mat or blanket to keep you warm in the chilly evening.

PGA Tour Sentry Tournaments of Champions

Do you enjoy golfing? Then you will surely enjoy your stay in Maui with the PGA Tour Sentry Tournaments of Champions. This televised season-opener event is usually in Kapalua and is one of the most anticipated events in Maui during the winter season.

Annual Chinese New Year Festival

Spending your winter in Maui offers a great opportunity for you to experience other cultures such as the Chinese New Year Festival. The celebration in Maui is more special since Chinese culture has been a big part of Hawaii’s “melting pot” community for centuries. Fireworks display, field demonstrations, and traditional Lion Dance are just some of the activities that visitors will get to witness in the festival.

Maui Whale Festival

Since whales migrate to the waters of Maui during winter, the Pacific Whale Foundation hosted the Maui Whale Festival during this time also. Fun activities and events are scheduled all throughout February to celebrate the islands annual winter visitors — the humpback whales.

Attend the Christmas Day Beach Luau

If attending a luau is one of your bucket lists, then you’re in luck! Christmas Day beach luau is more special than the other luau as it is prepared specifically for the season.  Instead of riding his sleigh with his reindeers, Santa Claus or Kanakaloka will be arriving in a red canoe. We also recommend trying Old Lahaina Luau as a fun night experiencing the Polynesian culture.

Shop on Holiday Markets

Who doesn’t love shopping? No one, of course. Craftsmen from different parts of the island will gather together in Whalers Village in Kaanapali, the Shops in Wailea, or in shops in Makawao to sell their products. So if you love handicrafts and one-of-a-kind items, then doing your last minute shopping in Maui might just be a great idea.

Christmas on Maui

Most people spend their Christmas at the comfort of their home with the snow peacefully falling outside. Why not celebrate it more warmly with the sound of calm waves in the background? There are many fun activities that you will get to enjoy all over Maui all throughout December. If you plan on visiting Maui during the winter, make sure to book a stay with us. We’d love to host you and your family!