5 Shave Ice Stops on Maui

When you are on the Maui, you may love the summer heat, but there will be times when
you want to cool down. What better way to do it than to give in with your sweet tooth?
Shave ice is something you should not miss eating when you are in Maui.

With a lot of flavors to choose from, you are sure to satisfy your sweet
cravings. Here are the lists of 5 shave ice stops on Maui:

1. Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

The Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice company has been one of the favorite shave ice stores by both
locals and tourists since 2008. Currently, there are 45 flavors of shave ice syrups customers can
choose from aside from the different variety of combinations and add-ons. You can find Ululani’s
Hawaiian Shave Ice in Maui Lani, Lahaina or Kihei. They open up from 10:00 AM until 05:30 PM.

2. Gus’ Hawaiian Shave Ice

If you are looking for shave ice with syrups made from Maui ingredients, then Gus’
Hawaiian Shave Ice is the right spot for you. Owners drive the VW ice shave truck
James and Cheryl around the island to bring the unique taste of their ice shave in all of
Maui. Follow them on Instagram to see where they will be located for the day!

3. Local Boys Shave Ice

Another ice shave favorite by many locals is the Local Boys Shave Ice. It was a
business established in 2003 by father and son. The Local Boys Shave Ice was just a tiny
snack shop, but it now has two locations in Maui — one in Lahaina and the other is
in Kihei.

4. Surfing Monkey Hawaiian Shave Ice

If you are looking for vegan or organic ice cream and ice shave in Maui, then Surfing
Monkey Hawaiian Shave Ice is a must-visit place. Their ice shaves are all-natural flavors
with no artificial flavors added. They are conveniently located at South Kihei Road and
opens up from 10:30 AM until 09:00 PM. This is a great recommendation for vegan free
and organic choices.

5. Tobi’s Shave Ice

Tobi’s Shave Ice is located in Paia Town and opens up from 10:00 in the morning. They
not only have shave ice but offer a ton of local “Ono Grinds” for late breakfast or lunch.
This spot is recommended for the shave ice as well as the food!

These five shave ice stops are a must-try.  They offer different flavors and even flavor
combo to suit your taste. The prices are just right for flavorful and yummy shave ice.
What are you waiting for? Be sure to drop by at these shave ice stops and support local business!