5 Spots To Snorkel Near Kihei

5 Spots To Snorkel Near Kihei

Snorkeling in Maui can instantly make you feel relax as you swim around the reef, enjoying the
lovely vibrant colors of the underwater world and If you’re lucky, seeing your first Hawaiian green
sea turtle!

Whether it’s your first time to snorkel or you’re already a pro, you should know the
top spots to snorkel in or near Kihei. This is to ensure that you will get to enjoy the best snorkel
experience on the south shore of Maui that you can’t wait to repeat it. Below are our top five spots we
recommend to snorkel near Kihei.

1. Ulua Beach Park

Ulua Beach Park is a charming stretch of sandy beach found at the heart of Wailea. You
can access the beach from Kihei by turning right leading to Wailea Ike road and then left
to Wailea Alanui. The northern part of the beach around the reef is the best place to go
snorkeling. The area has plenty of fishes and corals near the shore; and if you get lucky,
you can spot the Hawaiian green sea turtles near the point.

2. Polo Beach

Polo Beach is a beautiful crescent-shaped white sand beach that features scenic views of
Molokini Crater and Kahoolawe. The beach is just a 12-minute drive from Kihei with a
full shaded parking lot. The best snorkeling spot is at the rocky points at the end of the
beach. You will be delighted with the number of colorful tropical fishes you can find in
this area. One helpful tip, come early in the morning for snorkeling since the water is
calmer during this time.

3. Kamaole Beach

If you are in Kihei, then you can bring your whole family and head down to Kamaole
Beach for snorkeling. It is a set of three beaches that are very popular both to Kihei
locals and tourists. The perfect spot for snorkeling is around the reefs where the three
beaches separate. Kamaole Beach is the child-friendly and ideal place for your children to
learn snorkeling.

4. Keawakapu Beach

Considered as one of the best beaches in Kihei, Keawakapu Beach is also an excellent spot for
snorkeling. It is a stretch of sandy beach that runs until the end of Kihei. Both the north
end and the southern part of the beach are perfect for snorkeling. And since it is a
popular beach, it can get crowded, especially during weekends and peak seasons.

5. Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is a long stretch of beautiful beach along Kihei Road. While the beach is a
favorite by many windsurfers when the wind gets stronger, it is also an excellent spot for
snorkeling when the water is calm. Sugar Beach features many tropical fishes and
healthy coral reefs that stretch at least a half a mile long from the beach out.

Finding the right spot to snorkel can make you fall in love with the experience.  Check
out our blog on Hawaiian Fishes you should look for when snorkeling in Maui. Enjoy your snorkel experience!