Where To Snorkel In Napili

One of the well-loved activities that locals and tourists do in Napili is snorkeling. The waters in Napili are
much calmer compared to other neighboring beaches in Maui. And the sea, oh, well, it is home to a vibrant
underwater world with a wide array of fish and sea creatures.
Below are the top 5 beaches near Napili Surf Beach Resort that will surely suit your snorkeling adventure plans.

1. Napili Bay

Napili Bay is the most suitable beach to go scuba diving and snorkeling. The beautiful crescent-
Shaped beach is located at the northern part of the island. Napili Bay is perfect for both
beginners and seasoned snorkelers. The water is from 3ft to 8ft deep, and the waves are
generally calm. The beach is home to a large number of fishes, coral formations, and rock
abutments. During low tide, the rock formations and corals on the left side of the beach get
exposed, and the colorful underwater creatures are sometimes visible even from the shoreline.

2. Honolua Bay

Another snorkeling haven in the area of Napili is the Honolua Bay. It is located at the northwestern
part of the island of Maui, and since it’s a Marine Life Conservation District, no fishing is allowed
in the area making the bay rich with sea life. When you get to Honolua Bay, you could either
jump right into the beach and swim with the diverse creatures underwater or take an enjoyable
short walk past the bay and overlook the beautiful and clear waters from the cliff. Honolua Bay
is a bit big, and the best snorkeling spot is a bit far from the shore so don’t give up too quickly on
your swim.

3. Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is a beautiful white sand beach situated at the northwestern part of Maui. It is a
protected bay and offers a great snorkeling spot for beginners as well as professional snorkelers
all year round. The sandy beach makes it easier to enter the water. There are also trails along
the cliffs which offer a great view of the ocean and the exposed rocks. Both ends of the beach
provide the best snorkeling spot with plenty of tropical fishes and beautiful reefs.

4. Makule’ia Bay

Makule’ia Bay or popularly known as “Slaughterhouse” is another must-visit snorkeling spot
near Napili. It is located north of Napili on Highway 30 and is only accessible by car. Snorkelers
will surely be amazed at some deep drop-offs, caves, and tunnels which are all rich with
sea creatures. Snorkelers should be very careful though as swells can be rough sometimes.
Beginners might like to stick to the rocky walls not too far from the shore. Common
sightings at the Makule’ia Bay include but are not limited to silver fishes, sea turtles, zebra
moray eels, parrotfishes, triggerfishes, and white tip reef shark.

5. Honokeana Bay

Honokeana Bay is another snorkeling spot just south of Napili Bay. The beach might be a bit
difficult to find, but all the hard work will be worth it once you see the beauty of the place over
and underwater. The beach is rich with underwater creatures with occasional sightings of the
Green Sea Turtles. Honokeana Bay is not suitable for small children as getting in and out of the
waters can be very hard with all the big rocks in the area. The waves can also get strong
especially during winter.