5 Fun Things To Do With Kids In Maui Hawaii

Five Fun Things To Do With Kids In Maui Hawaii

Whether you are on your own or you have a family of ten, we all want one thing in a vacation; this is for
it to be as relaxing and fun as possible. And when we are taking our family and kids on a holiday, the
more reason we want the trip to be a success. Aside from relaxing, we will be creating memories with
our loved ones during this time, and we would wish to everyone, including the kids, to enjoy.

Good thing that Maui is a fun and safe place to go for a family vacation. You will be surprised by the
abundance of activities you could with your kids on the island. Whether your family wants to experience
the Hawaiian culture and taste the local foods or see the majestic views of Maui while exploring,
there will always be something that will fit you and your kids’ interests.

Here are five fun activity ideas you can do with kids in Maui, Hawaii.

1. Experience Luau

Your Maui vacation will never be complete without attending a luau. The Luau is a traditional
Hawaiian party that is generally accompanied by entertainment, dances and lots of local Hawaiian foods. The best place to experience this is in Old Lahaina Luau, which is set in the downtown
area of Lahaina right in the beach. It showcases traditional Hawaiian music and dance with
delightful local cuisines.

2. Visit Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is by far the most significant tropical aquarium in the Western Hemisphere which
features a different variety of fish and sea creatures where some of it can only be found in Hawaii.
This will give a brand new education experience to families with kids as the aquarium and
science center was designed to mimic the surrounding natural ecosystem. It also features
outdoor touch pools, interpretive displays and an acrylic tunnel with 240-degree view angle.

3. Join the Island Art Party

All kids and kids at heart love to hold paints and paintbrushes! So why not unleash that artistic
kid in you along with your children and join the Island Art Party at Kihei? The art class is always
fun-filled, and participants are taught to paint the Hawaiian way while having a drink and a few
snacks. The good thing about Island Art Party is that you don’t need to bring materials with you
as they will be supplied in the class. Morning and evening classes are offered so you can still
have more time to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of Maui.

4. See the Underwater World with Atlantis Submarine Underwater tour

The Atlantis Submarine has been recently featured in National Geographic and is a must-try
Experience when in Maui. If your family enjoys visiting oceanariums, then your experience there
will pale in comparison with how much you will enjoy seeing the different sea creatures freely
swimming in their natural habitat. You will marvel with what underwater looks like 100 ft below.
The main attraction of the Atlantis Submarine in Maui is the sunken remains of the 19th Century
supply vessel replica of “Carthaginian.”

5. Learn to Surf

Let’s face it; one reason to visit Maui is because of its beautiful beaches. So why not complete
the experience by learning to surf? There are many beaches in Maui that are safe for beginners
with professional surf instructors for all ages. We recommend the Maui wave riders company.

Now, are you getting more excited about your trip to Maui, Hawaii?

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