10 Essential Things To Pack For Your Maui Vacation

Can’t wait to visit Maui and dip your toes in its crystal clear waters? Maui is no doubt one of the favorite places that tourists like to visit for a vacation. With its luscious forest, magnificent waterfalls and rich underwater ecosystem, the island is like a piece of heaven here on earth.

However, as excited as you could be on this trip, you must make sure that your bag also has all the necessary things that you ought to bring when going to Maui. Below are the 10 must-haves when planning to visit Maui for a vacation.

#1 Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have when traveling to Maui. The place gets about 276 days of sunshine in a year and the sun’s rays are very strong here. So if you do not want to get a nasty sunburn after a day of strolling on the beach, then you have to bring sunscreen. You might also like to add a lip balm with SPF to prevent your lips from cracking due to high temperature. Choose the products with SPF that is higher than you would normally use or bring rashguard with good SPF protection. There are many reef safe sunscreens that you could choose from that are safe to use underwater and are relatively inexpensive.

#2 Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglass is one of the accessories that you must not forget to bring when visiting Maui especially if you love to lounge at the beach. Polarized sunglasses are best to wear as it helps you counter the sun’s rays and helps you see the beautiful coral reefs from the beach.

#3 Waterproof Phone Case

One thing that we can’t live without is our mobile phone — even in water! We feel secure and comfortable to have our phones at hand whenever we feel like calling someone or taking a selfie while riding a boat going to Molokini or just sunbathing at the beach. But, a phone falling in the water is always a possibility. A waterproof case will protect your phone from getting wet and damage if ever it falls in the water. 

#4 Underwater Camera

Whenever you are planning to visit a beautiful place, you should not forget to bring a digital camera to capture magnificent sights to make precious memories. An underwater digital camera allows you to get quality pictures both in and out of the water.

#5 Swimsuit Cover – Up

Maui may be humid a place, but there will be times where the wind can get chilly and the last thing you would like is to catch a cold during your dream vacation. Essentially, bringing swimsuits also means bringing cover-ups. Swimsuit cover-ups now come in different styles and designs so you still get to look fashionable and in style \on it. Dri-fit gear works best for protecting you from the sun and it’s also reef friendly.

#6 Proper Shoes

The everyday footwear when in Maui is slippers or flip-flops. Hawaiians wear them almost everywhere — on the beach, in the restaurants and even in clubs. If you are fond of hiking and adventuring, then you need to bring the right shoes for this. Mesh water shoes are perfect to bring, especially when doing activities in areas that are slippery and wet.  

#7 Mosquito Repellant

Having a humid climate, Maui is also home to many bugs and mosquitoes. If you don’t want to get pestered with these insects, then a mosquito repellant is a must-have for you. If you have an anti-itch ointment, throw it in your bag too. It’ll come handy later.

#8 Snorkel Gear

Your vacation wouldn’t be complete without seeing the underwater life here in Maui. Most people pack their snorkel gear but we recommend renting snorkel gear once you get to Maui. It free’s up space in your luggage, limits waste so they don’t end up in Maui’s landfill.

#9 Reusable Water Bottle

Caring a reusable water bottle will help limit plastic waste and keep you hydrated while you bask in the Hawaiian sun. Remember to check out our other blogs, there are tons of activities to do here in Maui.

#10 Travel Insurance and other important documents

No matter how peaceful and serene the place is, you still can’t ignore the fact that you will be visiting a foreign place. For your protection, always get and bring your travel insurance and other important documents such as IDs, passport, boarding passes, etc.