4 Spots To See Turtles On The Westside Of Maui

4 Spots To See Turtles On The Westside Of Maui

No trip to Maui is complete without snorkeling. Our Hawaiian waters are home to many beautiful and diverse marine life including the famous Green Sea Turtles. If you fell in love with the beauty of Maui above sea level, then you will surely fall in love with the island all over again once you see it’s underwater beauty. Below are our five recommended spots for you to see turtles.

Quick Tip: Make sure to bring a snorkeling buddy and respect/keep at least 10 – 20 ft distance from any sea life while snorkeling, your adventure will be much more pleasant and safe.

Napili Bay

If you love turtles and you are still a beginner in snorkeling, then Napili Bay is the place for you. The water is so clear and the bay is mostly protected from the northerly winds. You can usually see turtles swimming on the left side of the beach where the lava rock formation is located.

Black Rock

Located at the north end of Kaanapali Beach is the stretch of sandy beach called Black Rock. Aside from a cliff diving favorite by many, it is also a great spot in Maui for sea turtles watching. A variety of colorful fishes, turtles, and awesome coral life are right around the right side of the Black Rock jumping spot.

Coral Gardens Snorkeling Spot

Another great snorkeling and sea turtles watching spot in Maui are the Coral Gardens. It is near the coastline along the Pali Highway Mountain Pass on the western side of Maui. The current here is not so strong as the place is surrounded by the Pali cliff side protecting the snorkeling spot from winds and waves. The snorkeling spot is accessible by boat. But once you’ll get there, you will be left in awe with the wonders you could find underwater. The corals are spectacular and many colorful tropical fishes are thriving here. Other marine creatures that have been seen here are the Hawaiian monk seals, crabs, octopuses, triggerfish, angelfish, and many more.

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is a beautiful and sheltered white sandy beach on the northwestern part of Maui. Kapalua Bay is fairly popular both to locals and visitors so getting there won’t be difficult. The two reefs that extend on both ends of the beach forming a C-shaped cove protecting it against strong winds and current; thus, the calm water is perfect for family bonding and beginner snorkeling. The corals along the rocky point on the right side are the healthiest so make sure to check them out first.

Our last ”Quick Tip” on this blog post would be checking wave reports on Maui before going snorkeling. During the winter the north swells can get big. That being said we recommend selected snorkeling spots on the south side of Maui when the north swells are peaking.